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Google Algorithm Update, As an SEO person, we should need to update ourselves always. Because it helps us to make good strategy etc. Why we need LERN ABOUT GOOGLE algorithms, there are so many SEO people who start working on a website, keywords ranking remember all factors and but is that they forget google algorithms. even I did not read google algorithms too. 

In this blog, I will tell you important things

  1. Panda update 
  2. Penguin Update 
  3. Hummingbird update
  4.  Pigeon update 

1. Panda, Google Algorithm Update 

it was launched on Feb 24, 2011, 

Why should need this 

Before google panda update, there are many no of the website like a commercial, affiliate rank on google using spam method or when people search something they are not satisfied with google result because searches and results in both diffs. 

What kind of method people use for rank before Google Panda Update 

  • Keyword Stuffing 

Keyword Stuffing means repetition of the keyword. Before google panda update, Commercial website use targeted keywords in webpage or blog for rank and provide unrelevant result that’s why user experience going to bad for google user.          

  • Plagiarism

Plagiarism, people use duplicate content on website blog articles, they copy other content, on there website instead of doing self-work, writing 

if we are doing research we can find valuable thing facts we easily analysis or learn, so doing hard work avoid copy-paste 

  • Poor user experience 

This is the most valuable point should me keep in mind, write valuable point in blogs, provide useful information right or engaging avoid short content like 300 or less 300 words 

Example: if a user comes in your website and exist within few seconds because of short content, not relevant information keyword or content not match, website navigation, google record all data and mark these things as negative so avoid it.

  • Short content 

As I above explain you, short thin content, not rank or mark negative if you provide right but google consider it wrong and false. 

so friend do research, learn or write at least 800 words content.

  • Other Spam Method 

Other Spam Method, building spam backlinks.

Solution for Avoid these mistake 

1 Avoid keyword stuffing

2 Doing research, write original content avoid copy-paste method 

3 Make your website easy to understand for user easily find content

4 Write at least 800 words blog

5 Avoid spam.Penguin,

2. Penguin Google Algorithm Update 

it was introduced in 2017 as core algorithm.

Why should we need 

Google Penguin update refines panda algorithm. It refines link building or keyword stuffing 

Spamming Link Building 

Seo person uses to purchase links or making backlink from the unrelated website and spamming website. Increase no of backlinks as thought for ranking 

Keyword Stuffing 

Repetition of a keyword in webpage, blog etc In content, they are use keyword everywhere It remarks negative impact for google user  

Solution for avoiding these mistakes

1 Building organic backlinks as the natural way.

2 Avoid keyword repetition.

3. Hummingbird ,Google Algorithm update 

It was launched on 23 Sep 2013

Why Should It be important 

it shows the relevant result as fast as the right manner 

Example if we search Coffee 

it shows about Coffee result from Wikipedia, a coffee shop near me, coffee blogs, video and people ask question etc 

because Caffee is a broad term so google shows you these all result.

4. Pigeon , Google Algorithm Update 

It was launched on July 24, 2014 

Why Should It Important 

Google pigeon update work on local searches it helps to give unique relevant information to local search intent 

results may depend on location, distance etc.

Pigeon update work for local search intent and provide the best result for the user 

5. Google Mobile Algorithm (Mobilegeddon)

It was launched on ap 21, 2015

why should important 

because no of user increasing day by day as laptop user etc so people likely to search on phone so we need to set website for mobile version easy to understand navigation user easily find their query.

6.Google Possum Update 

It was launched on Sep 1, 2016

this update refine local search intent 

example a person who searches a restaurant near me, but there are many restaurants but it shows distances location not the same.

7. Google Fred Algorithm update 

it was launched on March 8, 2017

Why should we need 

Google launched this, they are use lots of affiliate on the website, sell their course without providing content, because people use spam method for rank or monetize their website. 

8.Rank Brain Algorithm

Rank brain algorithm help to increase rank on google

Double time 

CTR mean Click-through rate 

For Example 

If write eye-catchy or meaningful title description so the user will click on a website, that all records google rank brain as a positive signal and increase rank and if user invests there time to on website it called double time.

9. B.E.R.T Algorithm 

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers

It is a deep learning algorithm related to natural language processing B.E.R.T help to understand google searches.

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