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In this blog, we will discuss the most popular topic “Instagram Marketing 2021 ” Instagram”. Plus I will tell you how to earn from Instagram Marketing and how to market your skill to your audiences.

before starting the discussion, we should know some basic knowledge about Instagram.

Instagram is a social networking American App where we can share photos, videos, reels and igtv etc. And it was launched on 6 October 2012, created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger but Instagram owned by Facebook.

What is Instagram ?

  • Instagram have a total 1 Billion, active users.
  • 500 Million daily users. 
  • 1.89 Crores users from India.

And there are 3 types of Instagram Account(Profiles) below:-

  • Personal Profile.
  • Creator Profile.
  • Business Profile.

Now, I will tell you why Instagram Introduce 3 accounts and it’s users 

1..Personal account, who use this profile and why?

This account is also known as a “private account” and its users have limited feature as compare to both accounts( Creator and Bussiness account). And the second question is that who use this profile, some people did not like to share his/her life as publicly 

2..Creator Account, who use this profile and why?

Influencers use this account to promote their content to a large number of audiences. Creator accounts have some extra features as compared to Personal account.

3..Business Account, who use this profile and why?

Companies use this profile to market their services or products to the targeted Instagram audience. This profile also has extra features.  

There are some common features of Creator Account & Bussiness Account 

like Both Accounts have Instagram Insights(Analytics) 2021 feature.

There are a tools list of Instagram Analytics 2021.

  • Squarelovin * Smartmatrics
  • Pixlee * Hootsuite
  • Crowdfire * Iconosquare
  • Later * Union Matrics
  • Minter.io * keyhole
  • Sprout Social * Whatagraph
  • Rival Iq * Socialbakers
  • HypeAuditor

So I am giving you all about basic information of Instagram above, which help you to understand the Instagram Marketing Concept. 

What is Instagram Marketing 2021 ?

Instagram Marketing is known as “Social Media Marketing”.

Instagram Marketing is the way of promoting services, products and brand to our targeted audience with the help of Insta story posts, reels, Igtv and live interaction with the audience. 

Let’s talk about,

Organic Instagram Marketing V/S Paid Instagram Marketing 

1..Organic Instagram Marketing

If you want to promote your services, products and brand on a freeway and want the relevant result you should follow some tips given below :

  • Make eye-catchy Post.
  • Write engaging content in the caption.
  • Use relevant hashtags every each post.
  • Mention Location on post
  • Keep consistency 
  • Follow your niche related page 
  • Engage with others post ( Do Like, Comment, and share his/her content on your story).
  • And avoid spammy way.

If you apply these all tips on your Instagram you will find better results within 1 month and also getting numbers of followers and leads etc.

without money investment but time. 

And what about Paid Instagram Marketing, in this section, I will tell you Instagram Marketing Ads 2021
  1. Image Ads 
  2. Video Ads
  3. Carousel Ads
  4. Story Ads 
Image Ads 

Image Ads helps to promote products, blog post and Articles etc This ads formate can be applied to all kind of advertising. These Ads include call-to-action buttons like Shop Now, Listen Now, Book Now, Learn More, Contact Us, Send Message and Watch More.

Video Ads

Video Ads helps to describe one to one product factors to our targeted audience and video ads is the best way to engage with the audience and build trust too. These Ads include call-to-action buttons.n like Shop Now, Listen Now, Book Now, Learn More, Contact Us, Send Message and Watch More.

Carousel Ads  

Carousel Ads are the same as image ads but carousel includes 1+ more images. 

Story Ads 

Every user on Instagram likes to see other’s story. like WhatsApp status. and this is the best way to show your business even yourself also.

Through the story, you can ask suggestions or question to your audience directly. And Instagram features allow you to design your story, to show your audience all that you can get more profile visits, followers leads. Try this one of the best methods to my side. 

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